Sunday, November 18, 2007

Top Bay Area Hikes

Here are some of the best bay area hikes that I have done...

Best Overall Hike:

Montara Mountain North Peak hike
World Class views on a clear day of the Pacific Coastline and the Bay Area (if you reach the top).

Best Book on Hiking on the Peninsula:

Peninsula Trails: Outdoor Adventures on the San Francisco Peninsula (Trails)
Lots of detail and decent maps and directions

Best Hiking with a Dog:

Hamms Gulch-Windy Hill Loop

It can get wet during the winter storms, but its a great dog trail

(runner-up) Pulgas Ridge Open Space
A true Dog trail, but a bit bland

Best Trail overrun by bikers:

El Corte De Madera Creek - North
Its a great area and nice trails, but its overrun by mountain bikers on weekends

Best Trail WAY OUT there:

Portola Redwoods Park - Peters Creek Loop
Not only is this park remote, but the trail is very lonely on weekdays -- I did not see anyone the whole 13 miles.

Best Trail for views of San Francisco:

San Bruno Mountain - Summit Loop Trail

On clear day, you can see all around the Bay Area... but on foggy days -- not so much

happy hiking!