Wednesday, March 9, 2005

About Me

I have always enjoyed hiking, even as a kid I would spend hours in our back woods making trails, clearing brush and just enjoying the solitude of the outdoors. Growing up in Portola Valley allowed for lots of hiking opportunities including helping to make the Toyon Trail near Windy Hill.

My time is currently split between San Francisco and Seattle, so you will find hike reports from both regions. Generally I hike -early- in the morning on Saturday or Sunday to avoid the crowds. So far my favorite hike has been the Montara Hike -- which I did on an unbelievably clear Spring day.

Some of my favorite hiking books are:
Peninsula Trails: Outdoor Adventures on the San Francisco Peninsula
Beyond Mount Si: The Best Hikes Within 85 Miles of Seattle

Note:   I am just a regular hiker and only review or talk about things I have done, viewed or owned. Some book and gear links might go to resellers to help slightly defray the cost of more guide books and gear.

So other great hiking blogs and websites:
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