Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WTA wants to take you to DC!

Its important to be heard -- have the WTA deliver your letters to Congress, but hurry they need all letters before Feb 2nd. Here is the info from the WTA:

Each year, as you may know, Washington Trails Association (WTA) goes back to DC to talk with our elected officials about Washington's trails and the chronic shortfall in Forest Service Recreation funds. This year we would like to take your voice back with us! That's right, this year, we want to go back to DC with your hand-written letters to Congress.

WTA works with Members of Congress year round, but it never hurts to have a little extra leverage. Your elected officials need to know that their constituents care about funding to protect and promote trails in Washington. We are going back on February 2, so time is running short and we need your help. Please take a moment to write a short note to your Representative and Senators Murray and Cantwell. We'll deliver your letters to your Member of Congress and both Senators, when we met with them so they know that WTA truly is the voice of Washington's hikers.
What you can do:
Write a brief note to your elected officials letting them know that you support increased money for Forest Service Recreation and Trails, both through economic stimulus packages and the upcoming deliberations around the Fiscal Year 2010 budget.

When you're done with your letter, please send it to:

Washington Trails Association
Attn: Kindra Ramos
2019 Third Ave #100
Seattle, WA 98121

Here are some talking points to help you get your letter started:
  • Let your Representative know who you are. Make sure you include your full name and residential address so they know you live in their district.
  • Talk about your personal outdoor experiences and trails that you love that might need maintenance or reconstruction.
  • Let them know that you support a 5% increase to the Forest Service Recreation funding over 2008 levels in the 2009 budget and another 5% increase over 2009 levels in the 2010 budget.
  • Most importantly, thank them for all the hard work that they've already done to help secure funding for Washington's National Forests and Parks. Our Congressional delegation understands this issue and works it, so they deserve our thanks.

Thank you for speaking out for hikers!