Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Book 2011 Campsites NOW (if possible)

Just wanted to give the heads up that Oprah will feature camping in Yosemite this Friday and next Wednesday. She has teamed up with the National Park Service and REI.

WHY should you care? No matter what you think of her -- the power of her TV show is pretty awesome. Expect lots new campers to experience the outdoors this spring (a good thing!)...but it might mean fewer spots for regular campers.

Check out the preview here:

Anyway - welcome to Oprah, Gayle and newbies to our National Forests - I hope they treat them with care.

California State Park Reservations:

Washington State Park Reservations:

National Park Campsite Reservations:

(Sorry been sidelined with a bunch of travel for work and some knee issues this summer - more trail reviews coming shortly.)