Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tiger Mtn - Poo Poo Point

Hike Route: Chirico Trail (from Paraglider landing spot)

There are two basic ways to hike up to Poo Poo Point on Tiger Mountain. This route is the shorter of the two (4 miles round-trip), but its a very steep route -- gaining 1,750 feet in elevation. While 4 miles sounds easy, make no mistake this is ALL uphill from the start to the top. That being said, the views from the top are great and well worth the non-stop uphill hike.

Oddly this hike is not often mentioned in local hiking books, but this route still attracts lots of traffic including many who use it as a workout, rather than a day hike. There were also lots of dogs on the hike. So don't count on a solitude hike.

The parking lot is located right off Issaquah-Hobart Road at the landing site. This is a huge open area, its hard to miss. The parking lot has about 30 spaces - there is no fee to park here.

The Chirico trailhead is straight across the landing field from the Parking Lot.

Soon the trek uphill begins on a well packed trail. There are no trail signs along the hike, but really there is only one way up the mountain so its easy to navigate. All of the trail until the top is well shaded. It might get muddy during the winter rains, but today it was very dry and the trails were in great shape.

Much of the trail has stone surfaces, often used for steps.

The trail leads to a wider road on the way up, this is one of the few non-steep areas -- but soon it turns back uphill on a more narrow trail.

About 3/4ths the way up there is a decent peek-a-boo view of Mt Rainier. It was a bit hazy on this day, but you still had a clear shot of the Mountain.

After the small view, the trail has some unmarked intersections. I would stay LEFT at the first intersection. The remaining junctions all meet up again higher up on the trail. You can take any trail and still wind up at the same place.

Soon after these trails rejoin the main trail up, you walk into the first Takeoff point - with fantastic views to the Southwest. Another great view of Mt Rainier is here -- plus views of the Cedar River area. A number of folks thought this was top and stopped here.

After taking a short break, continue up to the REAL top of the hike. Look for the old information display and the small trail to the left.

The remaining part of the hike is much easier, leading up to the more popular paragliding launch point. There is a astroturf launch "runway", summit sign and a bench -- plus some electronic equipment.

We got lucky and were alone at the top. The views are of Squak and Cougar Mountains. Plus you can see Lake Sammamish, Issaquah and the surrounding area to the West.

This is a great hike on a clear day for local views -- many of the hikes in the Issaquah Alps area dont have open space for views like this. Its a steep hike up - but well worth it if you dont mind sharing the trek with others and their dogs.

Many thanks to the WTA work parties and others that help keep this trail in great shape!

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Area -Tiger Mountain (Near Issaquah,Washington)
Trails - Green Trails Map Tiger Mountain 204S
Length - 4 miles - Very Steep hike - 1,700 elevation gain in 2 miles.
Trail - Out and back, well packed dirt trails.
Bikes - Not allowed on this hike
View - Great views at and near the top, none on the way up
Getting There - I-90 East to Exit 17 - Front Street, turn right on Front Street through downtown Issaquah. Continue on Front as it turns into Issaquah-Hobart Road. The parking lot is a couple miles out of town on the left. If you pass the Hayes Nursery, you have gone too far.
Fee- None, free parking- (Donate to the WTA)
Weather - All shade until you reach the top
Other Trails - Another option is to start from Issaquah High School (7+ mile hike)