Sunday, March 4, 2007

San Bruno Mountain - Summit Loop Trail

This is a great hike for a very CLEAR day in the Bay Area. There are multiple places to take great photos, but again its best when its a very clear day. From the summit loop trail you can see San Francisco, Colma, and the Pacific Ocean.

The trail leads from the parking lot straight up the mountain to the Radio/TV Towers. Its a -very- single file dirt trail, no dogs or bikes allowed.

A popular trail book says to take start at the Trailhead at the Parking lot...but I would say its a much better "payoff" to start the trail from the service road (basically the reverse route of the normal way).

This way you will capture the BEST views on your way back and while you are headed downhill -- so you have view all the way down, rather than having to turn around each time to enjoy the view.

All in all, it was a nice morning hike that I would do again on a very clear day.

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Area - San Bruno Mountain State and County Park
Trail - Summit Loop Trail (Trail Map)
Length - 3.13 miles - Moderate Hike, 2 hours with stops
Trail - Loop-style, Single File dirt trail, some stops along the way. Crosses two roads at the top, no traffic. Somewhat well marked.
Dogs - No
Bikes - No (I did see one, but its clearly NOT a bike trail)
View - Plenty, bring a camera
Getting There - Google MAP Note - The Radio Road turnoff on Guadalupe Canyon Parkway is where the entrance is located. Its well marked. Get to the Trailhead by turning RIGHT after passing the Gatehouse, the road will go back under the Parkway.
Fee- YES, currently it was $5
Weather - It can get windy so bring a jacket, plus if its Foggy it will be very cool.
Other Trails - there are other trails within this park