Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vashon - Burton Acres Park Loop

Route - Umarked Loop trail off SW Bayview Drive (Across from the Vashon Kayak Center) at Jensen Point Park

This 64 acre park offers a very wooded loop walk in around the park. This is an easy hike and almost all level narrow dirt trails. There are a couple access points, but the easiest to find (and park) is at Jensen Point. Park on the side closest to the road. You can park down by the water, but you will have to hike back up the hill to road.

The trailhead is unmarked off the side of the road.

After a short walk, take the trail to the right and continue around the park.

The trail can be muddy after rains, but offers a nice shaded venture around the park. You will see a couple of unmarked intersections along the way. After heading north on the trail, ignore the trail to the Left (it cuts through the middle of the park). After that point - ignore the trails heading off the the right, as these lead to the street or neighborhood access.

We made the mistake of taking a right turn on one of the minor trails - this just leaded to a driveway and backyard. If you see this pile of cut trees -- turn around and rejoin the main trail.

As you round 3/4ths of the park there is a 4-way trail intersection. Ignore the trail to the immediate Left, but take the next trail that heads left.

The park offers no views, but does have lots of typical Northwest scenery.

If you have navigated the loop as we did, you will return to the first intersection, turn Right and head back to the road and parking lot across the street. This is a short hike - just 30-40mins around the loop. Looking for more fun on this end of the Island? Check out the Kayak Center in the big building near where you parked. They are open on weekends during the summer -- for more information, click here.

Burton Acres Loop at EveryTrail
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Area - Burton Acres Park (Vashon Island)
Trails - Main Loop Trail
Length - 1.2 miles roundtrip - Easy Hike (but return uphill with 500 feet gain)
Duration: 30-40 minutes
Trail - Dirt trails - all unmarked
Bikes - Probably not allowed on this hike
View - None
Getting There - From Seattle take the West Seattle Fauntleroy–Vashon ferry. Head toward Burton and Jensen Point, 8900 SW Harbor Drive, Burton, WA . Good Map of Vashon Island parks and natural areas is here.
Fee- None, free parking
Weather - All Shade
Other Trails - none, some other access trails