Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Las Vegas - Angel Park Trail

Hike Route: Angel Park Trail 

This multi-use trail is part of trail system within the City of Las Vegas. The 5.5 mile route is a mix of asphalt, concrete, street sidewalks and a freeway overpass. Most of the trail is fairly new having opened in May 2010.

There is -no- shade along this trail - and no water available except at the start and mid-point in the parks. It was over 80 degrees at 5am when I start this hike -- but it was very comfortable. Luckily I had brought some Gatorade and my sunglasses.

There are a couple different ways to start this route, but I chose the dedicated trailhead from the Bruce Trent Park off Vegas Drive -- home to the Farmers Market on Wednesdays (note: this is not Las Vegas Blvd). Look for the "Las Vegas Sports Park" sign.

There is plenty of free parking, there are probably restroom facilities within this park, but none right next to the trailhead. If you are staying at the Suncoast Hotel//Casino -- see the Alt. Starting Point below.

The trailhead is easy to find, but oddly the trail map is located about halfway on the route.

The trail wraps around the very large Angel Park wash containment area, but is makes for some nice desert scenery.

Along the first part of the route, you can see the Downtown and Strip hotels toward the east. The trail is fairly level at this point -- no real elevation gain.

I did this hike in Mid-June and say a ton of local jackrabbits out and about in the early morning hours.

The trail meets up with the sidewalk for Durango Drive. Before crossing over the Summerlin Parkway, you have the option to take a right which leads under Durango Drive to the Bonanza Trail. Stay on the sidewalk of Durango (headed south) and pass over the Parkway.

Once over the Parkway, you will see a small park and signs for the Angel Park Trail. Feel free to take a loop around the park or just continue south on the sidewalk. After passing the Transit area under construction, look for the trail to leave the sidewalk of Durango.

Again you climb up to the rim of the wash area -- offering some great views of the mountains surrounding the West side of the Las Vegas Valley.

Soon the trail turns due West, skirting the outer edge of the the real Angel Park. There are tables, shade and playground equipment located in this neighborhood park.

After the 1.5 mile mark for the route, the route starts to climb in elevation as you head west toward the Suncoast Hotel and Casino.

This part of the route is well landscaped but a bit less enjoyable since you are now squeezed between the Tivoli Village at Queensridge construction area and the Angel Park Golf Course fence (which is about 8 feet tall). Its not a horrible section, just less enjoyable than the lower wash area.

At the 2 mile mark, you reach Rampart Blvd and the entrance to the Suncoast Casino. Use the intersection crosswalk to cross Rampart.

There is some good signage at this intersection to direct you to the right and meet up with the route north on Rampart.

Alt. Starting Point - At the 2.5 mile mark there is a way to access the Suncoast parking lot. If you are staying at the Suncoast this would be your starting point -- go up hill for the complete loop or downhill for a 5 mile out-and back.

After walking past the very nice greens of the golf course, the trail ends at the 2.75 mark on to a crosswalk onto Alta Drive.

From here you can continue up Alta on the sidewalk on the other side of the street -- otherwise just turnaround and head back. There are some cool views of the Westside mountains from this point. Plus the ability to overlook the Valley to the east.

If you are staying in Summerlin or on the west side (JW Marriott, Red Rock, or Suncoast Hotel) this is a nice way to "get outside" for a walk. During the summer, its probably best to do this route starting at 5-6am to have the cool morning temps. Also the views at Sunrise were fantastic -- I just wish I had taken more photos during that time.

There are some great hikes in the nearby Red Rock area if you are looking for something less-urban. 

Area - Summerlin/Angel Park - Las Vegas, NV
Trail - Angel Park Trail
Map - Can't find any - except for one mid-trail
Length - 5.5 miles out and back - Easy Walk (slight elevation gain)
Trail - Asphalt and Concrete multi-use paths 
Dogs - Allowed on leash
Bikes - Allowed
Views - Great views of the western mountains, golf course, wash area and some of the Vegas Strip
Getting There - Bruce Trent Park off Vegas Drive
Weather - No shade, so it can be very hot in the summer
Other Trails - Connects to the Bonanza trail at Summerlin Parkway
Facilities - there a restroom at the park
Fee -  None
Other - There are signs saying the area is open after 7am, but I saw plenty of folks on the trail at 5am.